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erica believes in product development, a vital factor for the sustainable growth. Product selection and development at erica is based on two key objectives. First, to offer high quality generic products at competitive prices, and second, to provide convenient dosage forms that score over existing therapies. We offer a comprehensive solution encompassing product development as well as manufacturing services.
Developed markets
Our in-house technical team has the knack to develop intricate formulations and there are some products already made for these markets, which we intend to out-license. We are well-versed with the regulatory norms and capable of meeting the stringent dossier filing requirements. Our deliverables include.
Product development and manufacturing
Product development
Contract manufacturing
Emerging markets
We have wide range of products marketed in over 10 countries and key therapeutic groups are antimalarials, anti-infectives and pain management. Our WHO-GMP approved plant at Pune caters to these markets.
  Malaria being a killer disease in Africa, we have taken antimalarials as our key segment. Each year 300-500 million malaria cases occur and 90% incidences are at Sub-Saharan Africa.

erica is poised to mitigate malaria with an affordable range of antimalarials. Our antimalarials are developed as per WHO guidelines in order to tackle the growing resistance in the region. We are developing new dosage forms such as Bi-layered tablets to improve convenience of administration.

Our two important business areas in India are generics and institution tenders. Our products are equally competitive on both cost and quality parameters.
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